Most of the major work on the server for Lords of Atlantis as already been completed, we are aiming to start a kickstarter project shortly to raise funds for a graphics artist to produce the artwork for the game.
Before we launch the kickstarter project we plan on opening up the current test server to show how far the development of the game as progressed.
The current client however has been primarily developed for testing the server, while the game is playable with the current client, it should not be considered as indicating what the eventual client will look like, we based the test client on the Lord of Ultima client in order to make it clear if we were missing features that it had, we are intending a more tablet friendly client without the sidebar which takes up to much space on small screens.
Lords of Atlantis will be a game in the style of the closed Lord Of Ultima by EA.
Since the closure of Lord of Ultima every similar game we've found either charges ridiculous amounts for players to be competitive or are substantially inferior so we've decided to develop Lords of Atlantis to fit the gap left by the closure of Lord of Ultima.
While Lord of Ultima was a good game there were some issues we considered to require to much micromanagement without adding much to the game so we are looking to address those issues, these include the amount of time spent in setting up raids, especially if you tried to optimise them by occasionally increasing troop counts to adapt to the dungeon progression. Filling palaces for the end game was also an overlay monotonous task as well that we are aiming to address with an alternative end game. We also consider that the customisation of resource cities did not bring much to the game, whilst some players may have customised their resource cities to eek out a few more resources, most experienced built very few and used one of the online tools to do most of the work of finding good layouts, the main impact of this feature was to penalise inexperienced players who did not know how to produce well designed cities and were not aware of the online tools that more experienced players used.

Other issues we feel need addressing are that resource cities were very rarely used by top players since even uncastled military cities could receive more resources from raiding and castled military could raid almost 4 times more than the uncastled ones. We think that balance needs addressing and as such we are planning to have improve resource production so that resource cities produce around twice as many resources as an uncastled raiding city. The resource city would produce around half the amount of what a castled city could produce from raiding. Castled cities can be captured so we think they should benefit over pure resource cities. Uncastled cities have far more flexibility than resource cities and we therefore consider it reasonable that they should produce less. This change should also be useful to less active players and players that don't wish to purchase a war minister.

We have designed the server to be highly configurable and modular so we can have individual servers with different features, two of the features we are considering adding are the ability to build bridges between adjacent islands to allow land attacks to be made, the bridges won't belong to any particular player or alliance and they will be able to be destroyed/damaged as well with any player able to reach it being able to send attacks or defence, attacks on bridges will be visible to all players on both islands although they will have the option to turn warnings off. Another feature we are considering for some servers is to have a daily 2 or 3 hour attack window for pvp with the world greatly sped up and much smaller, possibly even single islands, we anticipate this would be far more action packed and lead to much shorter games, we anticipate something like a 100 player game taking less than a month to complete and benefit those that can only play at certain times or want a more action packed game than these types of games usually are. The flexibility of our servers also means that as we add new features we are able to choose whether to add them retrospectively to existing servers, while small incremental improvements and balance changes are likely to be back ported automatically, large changes are unlikely to be unless the majority of players on a particular server wish them to be, examples of what wouldn't be automatically added to previous servers would be something similiar to moongates that Lord of Ultima added to all servers midgame or the bridge feature we are considering. This configurability also allows us to test new features on single server without affecting existing ones.

We also intend to make changes to the trading system to make the market far more useful along with restrictions on smaller players pushing resources to larger players to help restrict the benefit of multiaccounting. We are also considering giving alliances the ability to build an alliance warehouse that anybody in the alliance can send to with authorised members being able to distribute resource from the warehouse to other members or to set up the ability for members to request resources automatically subject to restrictions such as whether they've contributed more resources to alliance warehouses than they are requesting for example